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If you find that the drain fitting drips, especially after clearing out the water heater, sediment is probably blocking the stop mechanism. You may be able to get rid of the sediment by operating the valve under pressure by opening and closing it a few times. If not, replace the drain valve.

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Remedy this problem by flushing as much sediment from the tank as possible, start by turning the gas control to “Pilot” or turning off the electricity at the electrical panel, then shut off the water above the heater and connect a hose to the drain valve. Lay the other end on the floor, near a floor drain, or in a bucket.

Open the valve, and drain all water from the tank. A good deal of sediment should flow out with the water. With the drain still open, turn the water back on for a moment. This should flush more sediment from the tank. Repeat the procedure several times. Finally, close the drain the fill the tank half full; then drain it through the house once more. There are many more things that can go wrong with your heater, so don't put off the trouble anymore, call us today.

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