Water Heaters Installation

water heater installationWhen you are looking for a new tank water heater for your home, our team can help you choose a new water heater that will meet your hot water needs in the most energy efficient way.  With some of the best warranties in the water heater market, you can be sure of a tank hot water system that will last you for years and years.  We can do all the work and heavy lifting removing your old water heater while you relax.

An electric water heater is simpler to install than a gas-fired one. There aren't any flue or gas connections to do and electric heaters usually come without legs, so the leveling in the floor can be ignored. (A deeper slope will still require shims, however.) The big difference is the electrical connection. The heater will come with its own built-in electrical box, but you’ll need to connect electricity to the box using a box connector and conduit.

The conduit needs to run from the water heater to a disconnect box on the wall or into a joist space above. Once in the joist space, the cable usually doesn’t need to be in conduit. Use rigid, thin-wall conduit from the ceiling or flex conduit from a disconnect box that should be on the wall.

While the range of water-heater options has grown in past years, most of the units in use today are similar to those of times past. The reason is that typical electric and gas-fired water heaters are affordable and fairly inexpensive to operate, and they required minimal maintenance. High-tech, high-efficiency models use less fuel, but they are more expensive to buy and maintain. So call us today so that we can help you in the installation of your water heater.

Nobody likes it when the hot water stops!  If you need water heater repairs, or a new water heater for you home, our technicians can help you with a flat rate, up front price and the minimum disruption to your busy schedule.  We help hundreds of homes in the Texas region get their hot water back up and running each year.  It's experience that will show and it's all backed by our satisfaction guarantee.